Friday, June 17, 2011

Corel DRAW X5 Portable

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 is perfect for the following audiences:
  1. Specialists in design,
  2. Professionals in the field of applied design,
  3. Small businesses
  4. Students and teachers
  5. Employees of government agencies and commercial organizations.
CorelDRAW also includes several new drawing tools 
and improvements to current tools :
  1. B-Spline tool which makes drawing curved lines easier.
  2. Intelligent lines which helps you draw perpendicular or tangent connecting lines between objects.
  3. Rounded corners have been enhanced to make rounded-corner shapes more scalable.
  4. Artistic media tools have been updated for pressure sensitive effects.
  5. The Mesh fill tool has been improved to provide better color transitions.
  6. A new Document palette records every color used in the design, making it easier to use the same colors in another design.
  7. A pixel preview option in CorelDRAW lets you see exactly how a design will look when output to bitmap formats.
  8. Improvements to Export for Web dialog.
  9. Eyedroppers in more places with RGB value previews for easier colors sampling.
Note : Join file dengan HJSplit.

Mediafire Download Link


Rasyidmln said...

makasih bro aku udah sedot tu filenya bagus bro linknya mediafire jadi kalo di download ngak lemoooooot

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